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Business staff evaluation Pittsburgh



"These principles are essential to enhance the goals of the young entrepreneur today"

- Washington and Jefferson College

Training companies and professional individuals with the skills, training and motivation needed to achieve success in business and life.

Mike Napolitano, sales and management training Pittsburgh

Need a speaker? Sales Coach? Or a professional evaluation of your current staff? Contact us on these and many other services to help you and your staff achieve success.

"Mike was a great asset. For 4 years he worked with our Sales & Management Personnel"

- Maxim Crane Works

"Mike was an original part in the building our facility and our business"

- Pgh Indoor Sports Arena

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Working with a budget? We can help - Our fantastic services are tailored to fit your budget so you or your company can benefit from our tried and true techniques and expertise!


Keynote Speeches





Motivational Speaking

Custom Speaking Engagements


Group or Individual Mentoring

Staff Evaluation

Sales & Management Training

Attitude Development

Goal Setting Techniques

Success Concepts


Need the benefit of one or more of our services? Contact us for more info. There is no commitment to inquire about our services. We look forward to hearing from you.

Is your company growing effectively? Is your staff motivated to achieve your company goals? Is your manager effectively working with the personality structures of your staff for maximum results? 30 years experience.

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The creation of a business happens everyday.

The creation of a household name does not.

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Michael & Nancy Napolitano


In 1975 brothers Michael and Marty had an idea to start a shopper publication in their home town area. The young entrepreneurs created something that eventually turned into a household name not only in their hometown, but across parts of the nation. The Pennysaver Publication of PA was born.

They were met with challenges throughout the years but stuck to their belief system, goals and dreams to soon grow the company into a workplace of over 400 hard working men and women with over 100 sales people. Those sales people were taught with the same techniques and belief system that they relied upon when they built their one of a kind publication. They are the same coaching and teaching techniques Michael Napolitano uses today in Seminars, One on One Coaching Sessions, Speaking Engagements and many more services he offers through his website MNapolitano.com. Michael is passing along his strengths & techniques on how success is achieved.

Michael now works with businesses of all sizes to implement techniques and concepts that achieve business and personal goals.

Concepts For Success: CONCEIVE - BELIEVE - ACHIEVE

Never lose sight of the C.B.A. theory of Personal Success Growth. They must be applied to everyday life.​

  • Higher Education

  • Family

  • Career Goals

  • Personal Growth

  • Spiritual Strength

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The Success Wheel

We believe that the concepts and ingredients in the success wheel are essential toward achieving success. 

By implementing these techniques you can reach the personal and career-oriented goals of your dreams.

Are you ready to take the steps needed to 

reach your life long goals?





Let's Talk! Lunch is on me. We'll brain storm, go over your staff and the roadblocks that affect your business.

Michael Napolitano

3112 Deerfield Court

Murrysville, Pa 15668

Business: 412-551-9420

Email: mnapolitan@aol.com

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